276 Arrowmont Trail

Cullowhee, NC 28723


(828) 743-2762 or 

(800) 682-1092

​​​​​​​9 AM - 5 PM

Mon - Sat

Horseback Riding near Cashiers NC

"Get Your Hooves Wet"

Your Child Receives

An Introduction To:

    Safety Pointers
    Simply learning to be around the horse comfortably.
    Getting acquainted with mounting, riding in the ring and dismounting safely.

They Have "Hands On" Experience

A great way to get comfortable with your horse is to simply learn to groom, feed and care for him. 

This close proximity creates a bond for the child with his horse and leads to him understanding that the horse depends on him very much like a small child would.  

This leads to creating greater confidence.  That is key to helping your child be firm in making his horse mind. 

When your child perseveres, he learns its possible for him to get his horse to mind. 

Getting Their Hooves Wet

Our goal is to help your child become a successful rider. 

Some of the thought processes needed to accomplish this goal:

--He can achieve this through learning the horse doesn't know he's big and expects the rider to take care of and comfort him. --The horse thinks like a 2 year old child.

--Your child also needs to know that whoever is more stubborn and persistent wins the behavior (or misbehavior) battle.  This is huge.

"Get Your Hooves Wet"

Summer Horse Camp Program

The two Half Days allows your child to get familiar with horses.


These are just a few of the things your child will be shown and taught while at Arrowmont.  Horses have so much to offer in educating us to be more caring and responsive human beings.  They are a joy to learn from.

Book your child today for him or her to have a great and exciting experience.

Come and "Get Your Hooves Wet " for the two (half day) program.

(2) Half Days, Monday & Tuesday during July, 1 PM to 4 PM

What Our Guests Have To Say​​​​​​​

"Get Your Hooves Wet"


-- Two Half Days --


"Get Your Hooves Wet"


-- Two Half Days --




• Shoes: Please wear closed toed shoes with as smooth a sole as possible.
• No flip-flops or bare feet. Obviously, riding boots are best but tennis shoes with a smooth sole could work. Smooth sole shoes with a heel are best.
• Please do Not wear hiking boots. Their sole is very rough and may get your foot stuck in the stirrup.
• Pants: Long pants are required

Bring lunch, water and snacks for during the day
• Rain: Camp operates rain or shine. We do provide ponchos and raincoats. Bring an extra T-Shirt and towel if it looks like rain.


• Sunglasses that aren't being worn
• Cameras that aren't on a tether around your neck
• Cell phones
• Wallets
• Keys

Please leave these things in your car or at the Stables. Rarely do we find them.


Meet your instructor at Arrowmont Stables and Cabins on the northwest end of Lake Glenville about a mile from the lake. It's only a 20 minute drive from Cashiers, NC. At this 200-acre (80-hectare) working horse farm you’ll get acquainted with equine behavior and riding.

Address:     276 Arrowmont Trail, Cullowhee, NC 28723

Phone:        (828) 743-2762


Your child should be at least 7 years old to attend the Horse Camp Program

What we look for are:
• Does the child have good balance on the horse?
• Does he understand the time frame he needs to remain at the farm for the program?

• Completed Camp Health Form, Camp Application & Assumption of Responsibility Form needs to be emailed or brought with you the First Day of Camp.
• All Rider ages MUST be advised at time of booking

• Helmets are provided free of charge and are mandatory for anyone under 18 years old
• Closed-toe shoes are required
• Long pants required
• Not recommended for pregnant women
• Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately
• If it looks like rain, bring an extra T-shirt and towel

1. Horses don't know they are big. That's why we can control them with the bit in their mouth.
2. Horses think like little children and expect you to protect them.
3. You NEED to know this. Whoever is most stubborn wins. You need to be more stubborn than the horse.