276 Arrowmont Trail

Cullowhee, NC 28723


(828) 743-2762 or 

(800) 682-1092

​​​​​​​9 AM - 5 PM

Mon - Sat

Horseback Riding near Cashiers NC

"A Taste Of Horsemanship"

They Will Learn Secrets To Successful Horsemanship

Here's just a few of the things your child will be taught:

• How to catch a horse in the field

• What not to do if you really want to catch the horse

• The most important part of their body to watch to know what their horse is thinking

• What part of the horse is critical to make sure is clean before saddling

• How to hold the reins to be most effective in "talking" with their horse
•Learn the parts of the horse's body and learn the parts of the saddle, bridle, etc.

The two Full Days gives your child an opportunity to experience a great deal of what's involved with horse care and riding on the trail as well as in the ring.        

They are introduced to tack, grooming tools, horse body parts and cleaning up after their horse.  We try touch on the major aspects of horse care.

Of course, safety as well as enjoyment is reinforced along each step of training.

Your Child Will Take Care Of His Horse & Tack

• How to sit on the horse when walking and trotting
• Learn - if you need to hold on while riding, why you don't hold on to the saddle and what you do hold on to
• They'll learn the best order to feed water, hay and grain…and when
• What is one of the most important parts of the horse to care for before riding?
• What lots of people think you need to put on a horse to ride him but they really aren't mandatory.  Plus, it's safer for you when you are working around them if they don't have these on.
• How to recognize when your horse is in trouble and why you need to get him away from his location.

He Will Gain Experience & Training For Riding

These are just a few of the things your child will be shown and taught while at Arrowmont.  Horses have so much to offer in educating us to be more caring and responsive human beings.  They are a joy to learn from.

Book your child today for him or her to have a great and exciting experience.

"A Taste Of Horsemanship"

Summer Horse Camp Program

The TWO WHOLE DAYS allows your child to get familiar with

horsemanship and riding.


What Our Guests Have To Say


-- Two WHOLE Days --





• Shoes: Please wear closed toed shoes with as smooth a sole as possible.
• No flip-flops or bare feet. Obviously, riding boots are best but tennis shoes with a smooth sole could work. Smooth sole shoes with a heel are best.
• Please do Not wear hiking boots. Their sole is very rough and may get your foot stuck in the stirrup.
• Pants: Long pants are required

• Bring lunch, water and snacks for during the day
• Rain: Camp operates rain or shine. We do provide ponchos and raincoats. Bring an extra T-Shirt and towel if it looks like rain.


• Sunglasses that aren't being worn
• Cameras that aren't on a tether around your neck
• Cell phones
• Wallets
• Keys

Please leave these things in your car or at the Stables. Rarely do we find them.


Meet your teacher at Arrowmont Stables and Cabins on the northwest end of Lake Glenville about a mile from the lake. It's only a 20 minute drive from Cashiers, NC. At this 200-acre (80-hectare) working horse farm you’ll get acquainted with equine behavior and riding.

Address:     276 Arrowmont Trail, Cullowhee, NC 28723

Phone:        (828) 743-2762


Your child should be at least 7 years old to attend the Horse Camp Program

What we look for are:
• Does the child have good balance on the horse?
• Does he understand the time frame he needs to remain at the farm for the program?

1. Horses don't know they are big. That's why we can control them with the bit in their mouth.
2. Horses think like little children and expect you to protect them.
3. You NEED to know this. Whoever is most stubborn wins. You need to be more stubborn than the horse.


-- Two WHOLE Days --